Project Poland

Warsaw Gift & Deco Show focuses on Polish design!

We want to show that Poland has fantastic producers and designers, as well as great brands worth bragging about! Exhibitors from Poland will create a unique program “Project: POLAND”, which will be divided into several thematic zones, filled with beautiful and unique products!

In the “Kids” zone will be presented a wide range of Polish products for children and families, carefully selected by “Mamaville” in terms of good design, safety and environmental performance. KIDS by Mamaville includes: decorations, furniture, lighting for children’s rooms, textiles, toys, games, books, gadgets and accessories for children, fashionable clothes and various premieres and new children’s products, most of which are not available in general sale. The next Polish zones are: “CELEBRATION” – full of presents, gifts and original jewelry for women and men, “EKO / RECYCLING” – a large selection of Polish ecological and recycling brands, wellness zone, eco cosmetics, soy candles, home greenery, plants and flower pots, garden products, zone of accessories for pets, and “GADGETS” – modern products and accessories. The “Och Bazar” will take care of organizing these three zones.

In “MUSTACHE YARD SALE VOL. 33” zone will find the best in Polish independent fashion: unique projects, limited series from over 300 of the most creative designers. This is the perfect opportunity to prepare yourself and your wardrobe for the upcoming summer and the season of music festivals.

“HandMade” created by “Art In Town” is primarily a zone of producers and distributors of materials used to create handicrafts. There will also be ready-made products created by talented artists and designers. Each visitor will come out of the zone full of inspiration and ideas! Ceramics and Glass Zone are the best Polish companies involved in the production, distribution and sale of glass and ceramics. In the “Home & Deco” zone organized by the Fair of Nice Things you will find designer furniture, original lighting, exhibitors with posters and everything you can equip your home with.

Project Poland


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This zone is dedicated to all who are looking for original gifts for every occasion. You will find here watches, jewelry, sports and electronic gadgets, such as digital frames, portable speakers, VR glasses, powerbanks, pedometers, sports cameras, camera glasses, etc. What else, for example a collection of original packagings, greeting cards and gift cards for every occasion, from baptism, through First Holy Communion, to marriage, of course plenty of birthday cards, name cards or those which we need to celebrate other important occasional events.

women’s jewelery: natural, recycled, made of precious materials; Men’s jewelery: cufflinks, tie clips, hand-sewn flies and petticoats; gifts: decorative papers, decorative boxes, premium packaging, eco packaging, chocolates / bonbons, fountain pens, notepads, sketchbooks, photo albums, photo frames, wedding invitations, wedding decorations, wedding jewelery; picnic: barbecues, picnic accessories, bicycle accessories, tourist refrigerators, food storage systems

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Home & Deco

Home & Deco by Targi Rzeczy Ładnych zone is for everyone who is into well designed interiors and designers products. If you look for inspirations, trendy and original home furniture and accessories this is a place for you. Here you can find a broad selection of carefully selected Polish brands and projects, manufactured in short editions in Poland. Specially for our visitors we picked what is the most interesting in Polish design scene now. We want to present everything that makes houses and flats become a nicer, more fun and better place to live. We focus on things to decor in an even wider formula than on the classic editions of the Fair of Nice. We want to show the best possible design. Well designed, good quality and original.

dinning tables, sofas, chairs, bookshelves, consoles, coffee and side tables, cupboards, cabinets, entertainment units, outdoor furniture, accessories for pets, bed linen, bedding, table cloths and napkins, table runners, placemats, throws and blankets, pillows and cushions, carpets and decorative textiles, bath towels, curtains, ceiling lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, table lamps, lightning accessories, decorative lights, plates, cups, bowls, mugs, serving dishes, kitchen utensils, teapots, glassware, trays, glad storage jars, vases, gift sets, limited edition of posters, drawings, illustrations, maps, cards, stationary, notebooks, pens and pencils, baskets, decorative storage and jewellery boxes, mirrors, clocks, wall art, plaques and lettering, statuettes and figurines, photo and poster frames, candles and scents, lanterns and candle holders, plants, planters, pots

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Kids are a very special group of consumer. Each single item tells them another story, each gift brings different emotions and is something much more than just a thing. You can find here toys (including Eco toys), educational games, toys boxes, money boxes, including kids room accessories – pillows, desks or room lighting.

soft toys, dolls, teddy bears, games, educational and wooden toys, building blocks, puzzles, eco toys, personalized gifts for babies and kids, textile: blankets, bed linen, baby horns, baby sleeping bags, play mats, baby rugs, kids & baby clothing, kids shoes, clothes and accessories for christening, kids & toddler furniture: baby cots & cradles, beds, swings, kids room decoration : pictures, posters, stickers, mirrors, dreamcatchers, tipi, tents, lamps, baby chairs, car seats, baby carriages, electronic devices for kids, care products, accessories and cosmetics for babies and mothers, nursing clothes & accessories for pregnant and breastfeeding mums, baby sling and wraps, chew toys, baby pacifiers, baby photo cards, kids jewellery, babyshower and layette – services, decoration and gifts, family and baby photo sessions, books & silent book

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HandMade articles can undoubtedly be fund as the highest value gifts. Such presents, made as individuals, very often only in several copies, and sometimes even as the only and unique one item, they are exceptional, we could even say „a gift with a soul”. Unique jewellery, feltings, ceramics, knitting, dyeing of fabrics, cardboard, recycling, stained glass, braid, candles, bags, accessories, artists. There will be also enugh material for those who want to make their own arts – decoupage, plastic mass and knitting articles.

art and craft materials for: scrapbooking, mixedmedia, PowerTex, decoupage, embroidering, knitting / crocheting, felting, interior designing; yarns, wool for felting, wires, crochet, felting tools; paints, art media, canvas, brushes, PowerTex media and others; threads, fabrics, cross-stitch, patchwork fabrics; chalk paints, transfers, stencils; pens / markers, inks, glues, decorative varnishes, tools: scissors, cutting mats, punches, stamps, die cutting, silicone molds and others; scrapbooking and decoupage papers, chipboards made from birmata, wood, mdf, chipboards albums, scrapbook albums, folded cards, envelopes, boxes and other packages; paper flowers, foamiran flowers, elements for making flowers, haberdashery: lace, ribbons, metal embellishments, sequins, glitter, beads, stones, jewellery tools, accessories for making soaps, felting accessories, dyes, clay, modeling pastes, texture pastes and others, felt, foamiran; cutting and embossing machines, sewing machines, handicrafted products in category of scrapbooking, mixedmedia, PowerTex, decoupage, wreaths, macrams, dream catchers, handmade stationery, invitations

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Eco / Recycling

Recycling and Eco style are not only fashion but real acting, as thos way we can save the environment. Choosing Eco cosmetics, toys, decorations and other recycled things we show others that our common future and the environment are our priorities.

ecological cosmetics, ecological home cleaners, ecological gadgets and accessories, ecological pet food, ecological food containers, organic food, ecological clothes, accessories from recycling, recycled furniture; wellness: boxed diets, natural diets supplements, superfoods; fitness: fitness accessories, clothes, bags, yoga mats, water bottles; home green: potted flowers, gardens in glass, garden furniture, plant systems, vertical gardens, green walls, indoor pots, external pots, glass for plants, flowers; animals: pet food, eco food, leashes, muzzles, cuvettes, scratches, lair, feeding systems, clothes for animals, nutrients, supplements, huts, transporters

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A place where business will find perfect advertising materials for your company. A wide range of umbrellas, mugs, leashes, key rings, mascots, anti-stress items, hats, bags, backpacks, loudspeakers, camera caps, notebooks, calendars – a whole lot of potential carriers that build brand recognition.

watches, smartwatches, monitoring bracelets, distanceometers, electronic picture frames, mp3 players, portable speakers, headphones

Ceramics & Glass

The zone brings together Polish companies involved in the production, distribution and sale of glass and ceramics.

glassware, crystalware, porcelain, ceramics, table decoration

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Mustache Yard Sale vol. 33

This already the 33th edition inspiration festival – Mustache Yard Sale. This time Mustache combines together forces along with the Warsaw Gift & Deco Show to jointly create a unique event with a European range. In Mustache Yard Sale will find the best in Polish independent fashion: unique projects, limited series from over 300 of the most creative designers. This is the perfect opportunity to prepare yourself and your wardrobe for the upcoming summer and the season of music festivals. This will be a real treat for the trend hunters Remember however, Mustache is not only fashion, it’s also music and widely understood lifestyle. In our special zone you can expect many surprises prepared by us and ours partners – meetings with influencers, musical experiences. See You!

handbags, jewelery, outerwear, sweaters, sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, pants, dresses, ties, flies, petticoats, cufflinks, footwear

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Green Festival

Green Festival by Green Days is a zone filled with beautiful flowers, plants and seedlings and perennials. It will contain both cut flowers as well as internal, external and potted plants. In this zone, amateurs of greenery will be able to purchase new plant varieties for home gardens, and professionals will have the opportunity to establish fruitful commercial relationships.

cut flowers, interior potted plants, outdoor plants, cuttings, perennials, bulb plants, small floristic arrangements