"Amazon - Poland, Germany and Europe - all in one."

A lecture for companies wondering how to start selling on Amazon’s European sites. Since Amazon opened the Polish-language Amazon.co.uk in March 2021, selling on European sites – with a particular focus on Germany – is proving to be much simpler. Is it still ‘cross-border’?

By attending the lecture you will learn:

– Which of the tools offered by Amazon are particularly useful for Polish sellers planning to sell on Amazon.de

– Why it is worthwhile to sell on Amazon.de and Amazon.pl at the same time

– How much does it really cost to sell on FBA model – Fulfilment by Amazon

– What has changed for Polish sellers since the launch of Amazon.de

– How to take care of your brand on Amazon

SATURDAY 19.03 at 11:00 am

Hala B, sala konferencyjna 1.

Marta Bruske

Who am I?

As Sales Manager at Amazon, I am responsible for the development of the Polish Marketplace, cooperation with Polish sellers active on Amazon’s European sites and the implementation and development of strategic sales partners on amazon.co.uk.

Expert and practitioner in business development and e-commerce. For over 12 years, I have been involved in managing and developing organisations, including international expansion, optimisation projects or technical implementations.